Friday, August 07, 2009

Special Postal Cover! Grab it . . .

D H Rao has done it again. For Madras.

This passionate philatelist will be bringing out yet another special Postal Cover dedicated to Madras that is Chennai in connection with Madras Day 2009.
The theme - Old Bridges of Our City.

Rao spent close to a year going around to photograph these bridges -"they look stunning when you look at them from the other side", he says. The best will be on the postal cover.

The cover will be released on Aug 22, 10 a m at P S School auditorium in Mylapore
They will be on sale Aug 22 to 24, 10.30 am to 7 p m at the campus where a show will take place.

This is a cover you must have. Buy it.

P. S. : If you are a retired person living in the Mylapore region and can spare 2/3 hrs to be at Rao's show, please volunteer. Rao's cell no is - 98408 70172.



As far as I know Mr.D.H.Rao is both a numismatist and a philatelist. Shouldn't the introduction be worded as 'passionate philatelist' since the occasion is the release of a special postal cover and not release of special coins ?


Vincent D' Souza said...

Accepted! Thanks. Rao is.