Monday, August 17, 2009

Keeping our date at the Fort

Dr. Suresh and I have tried hard to keep to this date.
Start Madras Week with a walk of Fort St George.

This time it was tough on Suresh - he has just got back from a testing archaeological study of the Guruvayur temple and on Sunday, he had to perform the rituals in memory of his mom who I recall set the most innovative kolus for Navaratri.

There were over 80 people for the walk on Sunday. And 75% of them were under 45.
Evidence of the I-Day celebration here was still around - pandals, chairs, barricades and stuff. We ignored all that and got into the assignment.

Suresh always carries four vintage coins that were used in this region, to amuse and fascinate the walkers. He didn't fail this time. Nor did the organist at St. Mary's as he warmed up for another Sunday service. The ASI staff were kind - they opened the doors to the exhibition on 'Early Madras' and when we finally got to the last point - Fort Museum, it was 10 a.m.

We enjoy doing the Fort. And all those who come along seem to enjoy it too.

When we do it for 2010, the Secretariat and Assembly may have moved to the new address in Givernment Estates

P. S. - We will be posting pictures of any events soon. . .

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Kittu said...

Dear Vincent,

Had a great walk on Fort St. George on sunday, Dr. Suresh was a great guide and absolutely passionate about his work. Learned a lot about the history and the various buildings within the fort - the church was breathtaking. I was dismayed with the way some of the heritage buildings was rundown and the fact that the kings barracks is now used to store booze. Anyways, it was a great learning experience, so thanks a lot for it.
I also attended the speech by Randor - extremely humourous and i havent heard words like BOSOMY & CURVACEOUS in a loooong time (nowadays we jus call them HOT or The damp squib was that he didnt name any of the so called famous personalities involved in the scandals....maybe someone can throw some light on who these 'famous' people were.