Saturday, August 01, 2015

Time to present academic study, research; study on city NGOs is an effort

Is there room for presenting papers during the Madras Week?
Yes there is and there seems to be space for doing so.

While quizzes and walks and shows may add to the color of this celebration, this event must also encourage writers / scholars /journalists/academics to study and present papers on subjects on this city.

How are Tamil films understanding the metro and depicting it in their films?
Migrant labour and its place in the city's growing infrastructure world.
Fading Anglo Indian school education.
Impact of IT industry on suburban Chennai.

These are just wild themes that just pop up.

Surely, there are more serious ones that merit study.
This evening, a centre which provides education in the social work sector talked about assigning to students of its course at Loyola College studies on 10 city based NGOs who have been around for over 50 years.

Imagine the material that can come up and be shared online on this subject. It can also encourage expansion of this study.

So if you are an academic or a scholar or head of an institution, encourage presentation of papers on city centric themes. If done well, there is also an audience for such efforts.