Monday, August 17, 2009

Going live on NDTV-Hindu

I was listening to Randor Guy recount his version of some scandals that hit Madras in the 40s and 50s at Sunday's talk hosted by Chennai Heritage when the call came.
NDTV-Hindu, the metro TV channel wanted me over at its studio in Perungudi.

The thought of moving from Mount Road to the southern fringe on a Sunday made me go ' should i say yes?'
I did. After all, as catalysts of the Madras Day events, it is our job to enthuse everyone.

And since I hadn't seen Jennifer Arul, COO of the channel for some time and had never been to the new NDTV facility, here was an opportunity.

Jenny's mom had also dropped by - she too hadn't seen the new studios but before she did that she travelled back in time, to the late 1940s when she and her friends walked to the edge of the Port after dinner at their Royapuram home, sat on the low boundary wall and took in the air.

She would have had a hundred stories to share but Jenny and her co anchor Saptarishi wanted me before the cameras on Sunday night show . . .

Jenny says she has asked her team to produce at least one story on Madras Week through this week. A nice idea.

And it is wonderful to find that many other TV and print channels are covering the Week closely.
If you blog on any or all of the events you have been checking out, send me the links please . . .

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