Wednesday, August 26, 2009

City Documentaries; lets make more

When you have 40 people at a screening of docu-films on Madras, you are blessed!
And it also warms the hearts of the few who take the trouble to produce these films.

On August 23 afternoon, we screened five films including a short one made by a team of city school students.

The other films were on a woman who stands for election to the City Council, on the fate of people displaced from the seashore and canal banks in the city, on well known abstract artist Achuthan Kudallur, a short, warm one on the traditions at Heber Hall of Madras Christian College and one on the first Rainbow Parade organised by the LGBT community in the city and held on the Marina beach.

Alliance Francaise, Chennai was the gracious host and collaborator.

Very few people are passionate about working on docu-films. But this effort is a start. . .we need to make many films on Madras that is Chennai. If you are keen, e-mail us at Our intention is to screen one or two city-based docus once in 2/3 months and build a community.

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