Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Besh, besh, Meena...

I have known Meena Dadha for a while now. She is the founder of Mukti, an NGO which provides artificial limbs to amputees and polio victims, as well as hope to thousands of the less fortunate. The M. S. Dadha Foundation runs Mukti. Meena loves the arts and she also runs the Prakrit Arts Gallery in Kotturpuram. The gallery is seven years old. Mukti also promotes some excellent work by the physically challenged.

I met Meena a few weeks ago, eager to get her to participate in the Madras Week celebrations. Meena as usual wanted to play the good host and show me around, but a sudden power failure cut short all her plans. She was happy to be a part of Madras Week though and immediately noted all the details. The only condition she had was that Mr Muthiah (city historian) inaugurate the exhibition.

So, what we now have is a weeklong celebration at Prakrit Arts, starting August 15. Titled ‘Besh, Besh, Besh’ (the Bengali equivalent of ‘excellent’), the exhibits will provide a candid view of life in Chennai. The artists are all city-based – Asma Menon, Manohar Raja, Nelson, Rama Suresh, Elanchezian, Jkalaiselvan, Thyagarajan, ma Devi and Vinay.

Prakrit Arts is situated in a quiet avenue in Kotturpuram and you might like the ambience. So, do make a note of the dates in your diary.

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