Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Network! If you still have not planned an Event. . .

If you still have not planned an event for Madras Day 2009 . . . if you are in the middle of a plan . . well, I'd suggest you network with people and groups which already have and get going!

The Exnora umbrella is Anna Nagar is strong and active organisation. It is keen to host its own programme. . I have suggested to that community that it could perhaps take part in the Kilpauk Heritage Walk that is firmed up now.

Writer-journo Charukesi speed-read the book ' Chennaikku Vandein' , published by Kalachuvadu last year ( essays written by famed writers and literrateurs) and coaxed the Kalanilayam Troupe ( theatre) to present a dramatised reading of at least four essays.

We requested Hamsadhwani sabha in Adyar to host the event and thats fixed. Thanks Charukesi. Some one in Mylapore also wants to invite the troupe. Networking works . .

You may go through the Calendar of Events - choose events you may want to have in your region and make the contact!
If you still need help, email - madrasday@yahoo.com

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