Wednesday, August 06, 2008

50 events. And counting . . .

Sudhakar confirms a tour of Nanmangalam forest.
So that is the contribution of MNS (Madras Naturalists Society) to the Madras Week events.
30 mins drive from Adyar and a 90 min. tour of the area where you spot the lovely Great Horned Owl (Read a feature on 'Birds of Madras' in the Aug. issue of Outlook Traveller magazine; a birding guide provided).

Eric Miller (World Storytelling Institute) has planned a walk of the statues on the Marina. He promises impromptu readings and performances at some points. Imagine!

The buzz has gone out to all the FM Radio stations and we hope the airwaves will get exclusive too.

Journalist-columnist Swahilya ( columnist in The New Indian Express) has planned a walking tour of North Madras. She has lived in the region and written on it for years and is a nice storyteller too.

50 plus events and counting . . .

You too can plan and organise an event for the city. Let it be simple. Let it make you proud!

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