Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coaxing Presidency College . . .

If you haven't, please do check out the EVENTS section of Madras Day 2008.
The first list is out.
But we'd like to see it packed.
We should have info on the weeklong talks that 'Madras Musings' is hosting across the city.
S. Muthiah and V. Sriram have put them together.

This year, there will be a weeklong programme in Royapuram - talks, shows and performances on the city at the Ramanujan Museum complex.

Info should be on the web site by August 1.

But what is your community doing for Madras Day?
I put this to Prof. Amarnath of the History Dept. at Presidency College.
He has promised to take his PG students on a  tour of that part of the city.
What about the History departments of Loyola, MCC, WCC?

I realise we really haven't got the colleges linked-in here . . .
IIT-Madras is celebrating its golden jubilee . . .would the IITians come up with something for Madras Day?

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Lakshmi said...

hi, would like to have a list of the events planned..that is available for public..appreciate it if you could mail them to me at