Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Madras by Night!

Now why didn't we think about that?
Well, the idea is rolling .  . .

A couple of people have begun working on this tour. Madras by Night.
Well, it isn't about visiting the sleazy, the grimy and the shady joints of the city (but then all this also makes a city).
It is about experiencing Chennai after 8 p.m.

So which are the hot spots on your mind?
The places which come to life only after 8 p.m.
Well, the team has picked up a few destinations in north Madras where, after the godowns, the shops and the stores down their shutters another life bubbles up.

I wouldn't want to skip the Marina. Or Pondy Bazaar. Or Purusawalkam.

But this team needs ideas. Please post them here. Give us details of places of food, bazaar, koothu. .  that can be part of this tour. Double up as guides.

The tour may well be by bus and on foot. You could climb on to the roof of the bus and run your cams. Somebody suggests we ask MTC to sponsor the ride. Why not?

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