Thursday, August 21, 2008

NDTV's Chennai Special

Finally, NDTV decides to devote its Southern Special, telecast daily at 7 p.m. to Chennai.
For Madras Day.
This morning, I catch the Good Morning Mumbai section on NDTV and have to endure a story on a MLA who is on the run. . . can't we begin our mornings with Mumbai's brighter side?
And hey! is Chennai off your radar Pranoy?
Guess Sanjay Pinto, its bureau head argued a lot to get the Chennai special going.
There should be a few snappy features, Sanjay says.
And if all goes well, we should be chatting up on the lawns of Ripon Buildings . . .live.
Yes, we'd like the world to know that Chennai is proud of itself.

Close to midnight and philatelist and collector of all things odd, Raja Seetharaman is going through the last of the exhibits that go on show at Rajaji Hall ( Aug 22 to 25).
Don't miss this grand show. It is free. And children will love it.
D H Rao's epic effort on shooting the Buckingham Canal and telling its story in pictures needs commendation.
Tell us what you though of this show. Post here!

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