Thursday, August 07, 2008

Mad Bulls are back!

There are some Chennaiites who have filed Madras Day into their systems.
The Mad Bulls is one.

On the dot, Senthil, who co ordinates some events for this club of Enfield bike riders, calls me.
He doesn't want the MB to be left out.
And lo! a circuit is being planned for the bikers.
Perhaps some odd places on the fringe of North Madras.
If you own an Enfield check out these guys.

Meanwhile I am digging up docus on anything to do with the city.
For the Docu Film Fest. Aug.24, 25.
INTACH is sending us a film it made on the renovation of a temple tank.
Architect Sujatha Sankar parts with one on the architecture of the city.
A film on the San Thome cathedral is on its way.
They may not sound exciting and cutting edge films.
But they will do for a small start.
If you know of anyone who has done docus on Madras, please alert them to his event.

Some day, we hope docus on Chennai will be a 'movement'.
There are dozens on Mumbai/Bombay.

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