Saturday, August 16, 2008

Send us your reports / pictures!

The Madras Week starts in about 10 hours.
We have a walk at the Fort on Sunday - the police men from the Intelligence Wing were keen to know what the walk was all about. 
With the state of the nation what it is today, security is of concern.
They understood our intention and I hope the two walks will go on smoothly. . .

Meanwhile if you are taking part in any of the Madras Day/ Week events, we want you to write on them and also post pictures.
You can mail pics to us. And post your reports too.

Or you can do so on your blogs / sites / boards and let us know.

This will help document this unique event.
And do tell many others to soak in.
We have created a easy-to-use calendar on the web site -


Soundharya said...

I am a Radio Jockey and work for Chennai Live 104.8 Fm. I was wondering if you were interested in talking about the madras day live thru our station.
Pls do get in touch

Vincent D' Souza said...

If you leave us your contact numbers we will call you back. Sure we are free to talk

Soundharya said...

Please call on 2261000 and ask for me (Soundharya) or leave your number behind so that I could get in touch with you.
Thanks again

Unknown said...

My name is Bushra. I just graduated out of Engineering school. Heres my suggestion. Its called Project "Sweep the streets". I think we should use Madras week to encourage citizens to actually pick up brooms and sweep up the city. We could divide chennai into several zones based on the locality i.e. Chetpet, adyar, etc. and deploy volunteers to clean those areas.


1) It would bring alot of people together and would make them more aware of themselves when they decide to throw that chocolate wrapper on the road again.

2) It would the actual sweepers a day off.

3) It would make chennai look a whole lot better!

Let me know what you think.

P.S. We could organise it this Sunday.

Mylapore Times said...

Nice idea Bushra.
Madras Day is an umbrella for all sorts of events on sorts of themes.
If you and your group feel strongly about this idea, please go ahead with it.

Unknown said...

Thank you. I dont have a group as yet. I think alot more publicity will be required for an event like this. I will do what I can.