Monday, July 14, 2008

Chennai Photowalk plans . . .

Chandrachoodan is another passionate Chennaiite.
And he promises to host at least three Photowalks in August.
Great news this is.

The Chennai Photowalk is Chandra's idea (
Every second Sunday, Chandra leads about 30/40 people down a colourful/heritage/shopping/green/unknown/strange neighbourhood of Chennai.

Most walkers carry cameras, click lots of pictures and share all that they know of the place.
Some go on to post these pictures. Velachary Balu is a well known face and so are his pictures.

More info at Chandra's blog -

Chandra has this weakness for the 'rising sun'. So his walks start at about 6.12 a.m. So you will have to sacrifice your Sunday snooze if you want to be on the Madras Day- Chennai Photowalks!

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