Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Docus on Madras; collection drive

We want to build a nice library of docu films on Chennai.
And Madras Day is giving us an opportunity to start a movement.
A movement to produce films on this city.

This year, we hope to screen at least 10 films at Sastri Hall in Luz.
Tentative date - Aug.24, from 3 p.m. onwards.

Most of them will be docus that have been produced in the past.
The quality will vary but this doesn't matter.
I just remembered Latha Menon ( who makes ad films and docus ) had made a film on the restoration of the tank of Sri Marundeewarar Temple in Thiruvanmiyur via a INTACH project.
The project had to be sustained. Wasn't. And today, the state is dumping lorryloads of clay on the tank's bed. Just to ensure rainwater is retained and devotees are pleased.
Architects say this is a foolish idea. Water must percolate and recharge the ground and then find retention. . .

Perhaps, with this development, I will need to run off and shoot the recent development. So that it would be an addendum to Latha's docu, shot about 5/7 years ago.

If you know of people who have docus on anything to do with Chennai - the arts, people, institutions, civic issues, communities. . . . do ask them to contact us.


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