Monday, July 14, 2008

A docu-film on Mount Road

I meant to do take a walk down Mount Road this Sunday last. 
To prepare for the Heritage Walk scheduled for August 24 morning.
I dropped that in favour of the Chennai Photowalk of St. Thomas Mount. 
Almost. And didn't do either!

I better do a recce midweek because there is a stream of  postings on my blog on Mount Road.
Stories, experiences, anecdotes.
I have invited everyone who has stories to share on this road to join us on the walk - we may have to arrange for a car to transport the elderly . . . to ensure that this Walk turns out to be truly a community Walk!

Our plan is to walk from Simpsons to Spencers and am hoping the sudden rise in daytime temp to 38degrees doesn't persist in August.

The more I hear about Mount Road the bigger the temptation to document this road on film.
Do you think a docu-film is a great idea?


Ravages/CC said...

A doc-film of Mount Road would be a brilliant addition to what exists on Mount Road.

Go for it.

Lakshmi said...

good idea..,is this planned for Aug 24 ?