Monday, July 21, 2008

Civic issues also have a space

Karen Coelho called me. The first day of the power cut provided her time to talk about Madras Day.
Would a campaign on sidewalks in our city also find a place in Madras Day, she wondered.
Karen teaches and researches at the Madras Institute of Development Studies in Gandhi Nagar, Adyar. She is also a community activist and has worked on issues like water and public spaces.

Karen and her team have in the past done audits of pavements in some parts of the city. One was in Thiruvanmiyur. The audit also looked at access provided for the less abled as places like the MRTS stations. The results were shocking.

So Karen is wondering if she can raise this issue during the week when we focus on our city. Why not?

Madras Day/Week isn't only about talks and walks and contests.
It is also an occasion to raise issues that affect us. 

Karen wants to talk to college and school students and civic organisations to chalk out a plan.
If this is an issue you want to link in, you mail contact Karen at -

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