Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Recee to a Pre-Historic Site

Dr. S. Suresh, archaeologist, has been planning this for a year now. For Madras Day.
A tour of a pre-historic habitation which has links with our city.
So we embark on a recee on a wet Monday.
It takes us 45 minutes to get out of the city - Kathipara Junction is in chaos.

We hit the Poonamallee High Road, and turn off to Thirutani. Our destination is Poondi.
From here, we head to Gudiyam. And have to stop.
For we have to trek it to the cave pre-historic man inhabited many thousand years ago.

Suresh and I share biscuits and fruit; this is going to be a tough trek.
And it has been wet the past days. In minutes we leave the village far behind.
But we have the village dog for company. He leads us. And he seems to know our destination. (How? We learn much later that a small shrine has come up in the cave and often many people trek to the shrine of their dreams - a shrine where childless couples pray!).

The trek is tough. We must negotiate rocky terrain and thick vegetation. But we don't encounter spooky creatures. Not even a giant spider! And on a cloudy day, we don't tire. It takes us 75 minutes to get to the cave. A large one . . .

I should stop here. All those who plan to be on this tour should enjoy the surprises.
If you do sign up, you will also get the opportunity to visit the small Pre Historic Museum in a leaky, old house.
But Dr. Suresh promises a highly educational tour.
Trust him.
(For details on the tour, await info on the EVENTS section on

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Karthik .P.Krishnan said...

It was an awesome experience Vincent..Thanks a lot for organising this...sahll sure cherish this ...