Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lots to Talk. . . on our city!

There were 25 talks in connection with Madras Day.
And that is a good score.
One set were hosted by Chennai Heritage, the promoter of 'Madras Musings' fortnightly which is edited by S. Muthiah.
The other was hosted by Gallery Sri Parvati on Eldams Road, Alwarpet.
The rest were at clubs and campuses.
Some were brilliant, some good, some ran their course.
Perhaps, this makes us think . . .
We need to encourage more people to research on Madras-related themes for the 2008 series.
The Portuguese in San Thome - is one theme.
Bleeding Madras fabric - is another.
Chettis of George Towne - is yet another.
Anglo-Indians of the City - is one more.
We would like to hear from scholars, researchers, writers and others who wish to line up for 2008.
E-mail us.

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