Sunday, August 19, 2007

Stone Age Man in Mysore turban!

Dr. S. Suresh, archaeologist, can make his talks and tours colourful and interesting.
We launch the series of talks at Gallery Sri Parvati ( on Eldams Rd.), near C P Art Centre, run by Lakshmi Venkatraman, on August 18 to pack it with the tour to the Stone Age Cave at Gudiyam, near Poondi, the next day.

Suresh is dressed nattily for the talk, with a rich kurta and a richer turban.
He touches on the excavations carried out in the Madras region which threw up evidences of man in the pre-historic times.
He has an audience of about 25 people.
Wish we had more considering the fact that speakers do put in a lot of effort.
Perhaps we should also record and document these talks for the future.

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