Thursday, August 23, 2007

T-shirt arrives from Tiruppur!

The bundle was delayed. But when it arrived, two people carried off 40 T-shirts even before we had counted them all!
Shreyas, who won the invitation to design the Tee, will be happy.
We have a limited number on sale.
So you need to grab one before the stock runs out.

But we would love to get bulk orders ( 20s, 30s, 50s) from corporates, clubs, associations, campuses. . . so that we can place the second order easily and have them delivered.
So e-mail us.
It is time we wore a Chennai T shirt. Proudly.

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Shreyas said...

I'm waiting for my bundle of tees to arrive. My friends at NID have been kicked about the tshirt even while it was being made. Although I havent seen the printed tshirt yet(i think my package will be here tomorrow), it excites me to think that so many people are wearing something that I made. Making this tshirt took a lot of time. And in that time, I learned a lot about the city.
I'm more comfortable being a design student in Ahmedabad than in Chennai. It is a natural thing for me(and others here) to go out on the roads and sketch, roam around old city till evening clicking photographs or doodling, or hunting for stickers and truckgraphics on the highway.. Somehow, Chennai never felt that safe to me. But this summer I decided I was going to give it a shot. I dragged my friend along, took a bus to Parrys at 7am, roamed around a few streets of George Towne till noon. Went to the dabbachetti kadai in mylapore, sketched a bajji-kadaikaari in action.I finally went to the fort museum as well.I was stunned. I kept thinking " iv been here 19 years and i havent come once!".drew stuck-under-staircase-lord cornwallis..and yeah, i read a lot.
I ought to thank Vincent and Revathy for giving me a chance to work on the tshirt, my dad for giving me grand tours of George Towne, my mum for letting me run off around the city and for keeping me going at the tshirt and my faculty at NID- Immanuel Suresh, who constantly narrates to me stories of Madras when he was an art student.
I love the fact that so many things happen in Chennai to celebrate the city--Madrasday, Mylapore fest etc.
But there are a LOT of chennai-ites(im referring to people my age) who really dont know much, if not anything, about the city. There are so many ways of letting people discover things about the city(apart from fests, books and ugh--the internet)..why can't there be tv programs that deal with something about the city, something that would make people want to go out and see/learn/explore for themselves, not just once or twice a year, but a ,lot more often. If we can have programmes about other countries and cities, why cant we do something for our city? Why cant heritage walks happen on a regular basis. At ahmedabad, the heritage walk happens 6 days a week, and is taken care of by an organisation.

Hmm, this was just supposed to be a post on how excited I am about the tee, but i guess i just did a "go with the flow" .