Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Controversies sink into cheap jibes

Controversies have enveloped the Madras Day process from the time the idea was floated.
Are you pro-British?
Are you saying the area we call Madras/Chennai did not exist before 1639?
Are you celebrating white men who took Indian blood and suck us to this day?
Why not Chennai 2000 Plus?

The last mentioned is an idea circulated by a senior journalist who seems to run a Trust - Chennai 2000 Plus.

Debates are always welcome.
As long as they are civil and don't cross unwritten borders.
Sadly, many who blow hot and cold have not even celebrated the city in some way.

Now, there are people who are hitting below the belt. Mails are being sent to newspapers and people casting aspersions on the 'catalysts', calling the name of Jesus and Good Friday in arguments and flooding the  mail boxes.

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