Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Social History Projects; need for areas to start on them!

One of the grassroot level ideas that I have been sharing with community activists and creative people has been to build a Social History Project for each area.

It took root in a small way in Anna Nagar. A small group of architect and students made it possible with a collection of old pictures of the area, some contests and an evening where seniors here talked of the 'old days'.
I hear this project has got bigger this year and you will get to know more on the Madras Day site and on their own FB page and online.
Their collection of pictures are now close to 100.

I have asked people in St Thomas Mount and on Arcot Road, in San Thome, Little Mount and Royapuram to start similar projects. The start has been wobbly but the idea is still being driven.

You may want to start one for your area. Valuable step that goes beyond events and galas.

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