Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Madras Day to Madras Week

Voluntarism does have its great pluses. It spreads if its catches the imagination of people.
And that is how the Madras Day celebration is now spread across a week and many events go beyond the week or start well before it.

Just now we have informally renamed Madras Day as Madras Week, though Madras Month may not be too far off to celebrate.

Madras Day is key; August 22. If people find their own time and space to host their events so be it.

There are a group of young people who encourage creative writing online at the Quill and as they quickly curated a writing contest they were anxious since the Week was about to begin. We got them to relax and do their best.

Madras in 375 Words - sounds and looks like a nice creative contest. Look for the details soon on the web site.

So even as the first blog post gets delayed this far and yet kicks off now, there is time to curate your own Madras event. Do go ahead.

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