Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Local Area Walks; start one to add to growing number

Walking Tours seem to have taken off well and at last count there were 15 Walks for this season which is still small but a great positive.

And leading the Walks are not the same people who have done so for 10 years. There are new faces and new themes too.

Food Walks have got lots of attention following the mushrooming restaurants and foodies and lots of info on food in the city and writing too.  These Walks can multiply if local community elders curate a small Walk for say 45 minutes. A Walk need not be only led across history places and by specialists.

It took little effort to get alumnae of Queen Marys College to curate 2 Walks. QMC is 100 this year and the team is up and ready. But WCC has not yet.

And why aren't old boys and girls of St Patricks and St George's curated Walks inside their campuses? Or of Madras Medical College?

Anglo Indian Madras is part of 2 Walks and though the leaders have been slow to react we hope they will have a great time and crowd. And repeat them often.

Kottur and Velachery, Pudupet and Vadapalani among many other areas deserve Walks. 

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