Friday, August 18, 2006

Madras Eye!! Not in the Sky!!

We are excited.
This was an idea we had toyed with some time ago. And then with the help of my friend Premanand we hope to make this real!
A web cam for Madras Day August 22 that will show a slice of this city LIVE around the world. On the Net.
Prem runs a web-based service out of his office in Kodambakkam.
And apart from his business (, he loves to be involved in experimental projects.
His bread and butter comes from videocasting/streaming weddings and poo-nal ceremonies and graduation days (he helped videocast the IIT Grad Day in Madras recently).
And every year, he assists my team at at the coverage of the annual Natyanjali Dance Fest at the Lord Nataraja temple in Chidambaram (4 hrs from Chennai).
Prem will team up with some of us again for Madras Day when we will have a web cam over Marina Beach and Sri Kapali temple, Mylapore just for 12 hrs on August 22.
We are hoping that the scenes that go out live will tickle home sick Chennaites and bless us for our effort!
We deserve it. We spent an hour going around the Mada Streets to locate a nice perch for the web-cam and found one at a jewellery shop owner's tall building.
Then, we walked up and down the Marina Beach to locate a place from which to fix the Madras Eye.
Now, we hope all will be well on August 22.
Please tell all your friends to check this out.
Pray that this one too will work well!

PS: The George Towne Heritage Walk has been sold out. Two van loads of people is all we can handle, says V. Sriram, who will lead this group on Sunday, Aug.20.

PS: The Mad Bulls contact is back from a great hol in Kodai where the Hashers had their celebrations. The Bulls will ride around the city for Madras Day. Can they get a person to talk about Royapuram railway station and all its history?
Gosh! If some one from that area logs in here and reads this, please pass on your contact if you can help the Bulls!

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