Tuesday, August 15, 2006

August 22 is as important as August 15

August 15 - Independence Day.
August 22 - Madras Day.
Will this become reality? Some of us think it will. And if people of this city lend a hand, it will be sooner.
Though it is a holiday, there is work to be done.
Badri Seshadri confirms he will give a talk at any venue in the city - he would have loved to talk on the history and growth of Tamil publishing in Chennai.
But we guess the other topic - on cricket - may pull in more people to the Shanmughasundaram Hall in Luz.
Our friend K. J. Suryanarayanan, who is active in the sabha circuit, makes contact with former IAS officer A. M. Swaminathan and Hemanth Kumar, who manage the affairs of the Sastri Hall and Shanmughasundaram hall in Luz, and though we do not get the ever-booked Sastri Hall, one of the best venues for a kutcheri, we have the other.
Badri wants to focus on the last 5 Test matches played at Chepauk and this talk should be a treat for all cricket enthusiasts (Well, there is another cricket talk happening at the Taj Coromandel hotel on Aug.22 evening - by former national cricketer, writer and communication consultant, V. Ramnarayan).

Badri Seshadri is currently the Publisher and Managing Director of New Horizon Media Private Limited (NHM), a company publishing print books, audio books and CDROMs in Tamil and English from Chennai.
Prior to founding Badri co-founded Cricinfo.com, and as part of the job went around the world watching cricket matches in England, South Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India etc. When he couldn't watch the matches in person, he watched the matches on TV. When even that was not possible, he got the scores delivered to him through his mobile phone.
He now watches less cricket in person, or on TV, but continues to follow every wicket that falls anywhere in the world through his mobile phone.
Badri has a B.Tech from IIT-Madras and a Ph.D from Cornell University,
USA in Mechanical Engineering. He lives in Gopalapuram and works in Alwarpet, and co-owns a bookshop in Mylapore.

I am late for the annual Landmark Quiz. Most of those who are at this event will hopefully turn up for the Madras Quiz (at P. S. School, Mylapore, Aug.

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