Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lyrics on Madras

On Aug. 25, the Unwind Center hosted a Madras Day Special at its regular Live 101 show in Gandhi Nagar, Adyar. This was also the evening when the winners of the Madras Day Lyric Writing Competition, hosted by RadioCity & Unwind Center were announced. Among the 4 final nominees, there were 3 winners for the closely fought competition.

The winners got whopper prizes from Radiocity:
INDU BALACHANDRAN - 1st prize for the lyric "Chennai - Served Hot" won Rs.5000 worth of prizes
ROSHAN THOMAS - placed 2nd and won Rs.3000 worth of prizes
SHANTA MATHEW - placed 3rd and won Rs.2000 worth of prizes

Mr. Madhu Sudhan, Station Head of RadioCity proudly presented the prizes for the lyrics. The winner Indu had the crowd's attention when she opened her thank you speech with "I was born in Bangalore… and had the 'Chennai is too hot' attitude. But now after living here for so many years, Chennai's Hot -ness is what I love!"

Unwind Center is thinking of making this competition an annual affair.

Prior to the show, a Clean Up of 3rd Cross Street was held with the help of CES Onyx personnel, musicians and regular Unwinders. The street was much improved and a real community spirit meant that all who helped had a good time. Onyx proved their mettle with their supply of leather gloves, their garbage carts and their hi-tech tipper garbage truck.

After some well-earned refreshments courtesy RadioCity, came the show itself. 4 rock bands, a Quiz on local Madras History trivia, slideshows giving facts and showing images of the city and of course the "Happy Birthday Chennai" song. Different folks from different strokes… celebrating the same city.

The quiz competition was won by Mr. Kameswaran who attained a perfect Score! That's one faithful Chennaite and he won a gift Voucher from RadioCity.

The Prize winnng lyric is here!

"Chennai Served - Hot" - By Indu Balachandan

Some cities may leave you cold
But not our Chennai city
We get sunshine the whole year round
We're a hot and happening city!

Yes, we have three seasons here
Called hot, hotter and sweaty
Deodorant makers love it here
We're a hot and happening city!

We're hot (we're happening)
So hot (so happening)
We're a hot and happening city!

Our auto drivers will make you sweat
And say, "No change" for a fifty
You'll lose your cool along with your cash
As you drive all around our city!

Idli, dosa, sambar vada
Served to you in a jiffy
We're a city with 'suda-suda' food
We're a hot-food-loving city!

If the heat is getting you down
And you're all cooped up with an AC
Just head for the great Marina Beach
And enjoy the air that's breezy!

Our filmy heroes are larger than life
Hot babes---we have a -plenty
Our cinema hoardings even touch the skies
In our hot and film-crazed city.

We're hot (we're happening)
So hot (so happening)
We're a hot and happening city!

There's plenty for the culture buffs
Drama, dance and kutchery
Or if you simply want to chill
Hit East Coast Road-and party!!

This is a city with lots of drive
As it welcomes new industry
Hot new cars are all made here
In this hot and happening city.

Ours is a city that never sleeps
Ask the folks who do night duty
The hottest BPO jobs are here
We're a hot and rocking city!

So feel that wonderful glow of pride
That makes you warm and fuzzy
Call it Madras or call it Chennai
You'll call it the hottest city!!

We're hot (we're happening)
So hot (so happening)
Chennai's a hot and happening city!

(Closing flourish)
"Semma hot, machi...!"

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