Monday, July 24, 2017

Wanted; school hall in North Madras for weekend schools mela

We are looking for a school space where we can host a Madras Mela on a weekend - for schools in the north Chennai neighbourhood.

Hardly any event takes place in Perambur or Royapuram during Madras Day season and that is a shame.
It calls for a lot of effort to seek out and firm up people or communities who can host simple events.
A talk, a walk or even a quiz.
Maybe a nice photo show.

A group is making the effort this year to organize a weekend eerie soy contests for the schools in the Perambur-Ayanavaram-Madhavaram area.
Poster-making, model making, quiz, collection of home-based heritage . . .
If you have some influence with a school with a hall that can house 100 students for two days, do use that reach to get the group involved.

Madras Day is all about getting together, from the heart!

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