Saturday, July 15, 2017

Do you have photos of Mambalam in the 1970s

The famed writer Ashokamitran has written a delightful essay on West Mambalam, his home for many years. 
This is a neighbourhood that leads a low profile life and yet holds within its roads and colonies, many social stories that make this city.

Resident Padmapriya Bhaskaran, who studies less known temples of Tamil Nadu is now trying to uncover the lie and times of West Mambalam.
She intends to curate a Walk of this area during Madras Day 2017 season.

Padmapriya is keen to also collect photos shot of this area in the 1950s/60s/70s; if she gets two dozen visuals of the schools and stores, temples and social events held here then, she can also put up a photo exhibition.
Studying our neighborhoods can be fascinating journey. The stories hold local histories.

You too can start a study of your area. Be it Velachery or Madipakkam, Perambur or Mint Road.

Start today.

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