Friday, July 10, 2015

Focus on city authors

Simple images, acts can generate an event.

We saw this photo of a few books written by city-based writers showcased at the Odyssey bookstore in Gandhi Nagar, Adyar and wondered why we shouldn't suggest a bigger event for Madras Week.

Ashwin, Odyssey's owner is game and he hopes to have back-to-back chat sessions with 3/6 authors of the city who have written on a variety of themes, fiction and non.

With the rising rate of publishing, self and otherwise there are lots of young and senior writers here and the Odyssey event could be the kicker for a series year after year.

A young girl, also on the verge of writing her book also plans to curate a similar show at a bistro. It helps that she knows the owner of the bistro and will get the venue as a partner - thats how things work here.

That is who small ideas grow.

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