Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Accute criticism also hits us!

As catalysts of this event we also get some nasty mails.

Mostly, the mails target us, asking us what there is to celebrate when the poor are homeless, the ill are lying on pavements, the migrants suffer and the garbage stinks.

What is there to really celebrate? these writer ask.

The city has its plus and minuses. But we believe that a city, any city has reasons to celebrate. And its residents must be proud.

Many people assume that we keep harping on past history. Some say we harp on colonial history. Others say we host five star events and pay ourselves on the back.

Madras Week does focus on its history and heritage but it also encourages people to celebrate or do things that they feel strongly about their city.

There may be biases but that you will find elsewhere too.
But ours is a sincere attempt.

And it has caught on with many, many people.

Celebrate the city. Warts and all.

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