Wednesday, August 08, 2012

2012 Edition of Madras Week

It is that time of the year when lots of people in Madras that is Chennai choose to draw plans to celebrate this city.
As one of the catalysts, I have seen a distinct trend - some people are quick to create an event or project, some need a lot of encouragement and prodding too and many prefer to remain on the sidelines.
In some ways, such trends can demoralise what is truly a city's celebration.

Even as my colleague R Revathi packs the details into the 2012 Calendar of Madras Day events, there are lots of ideas that need patrons and wellwishers.

For example, a travelling exhibition that tells people the story of Madras is key. We can tell this story in 20 simple visuals and simple lines. In English and in Thamizh.
All we need is a corporate to pick up the tab, mount the show and let it do the rounds of the city.

Another could be the production of a film on the city. A 20minute docu-film. Again, copies of this film can be circulated to all hosts of Madras Day events and the film can be screened a dozen times.
All we need is a city-based brand to pay for and promote this.

Meanwhile, a string of Walks and Talks will dominate the 2012 events, from August 19 to 26.

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