Monday, July 18, 2011

Travails of Walking Tour Guides

I have just told myself that I should write to the police officer in charge of security at Fort St George. Write now.
For Madras Day, every year I make it a point to host a Walk inside the Fort. And these have been well attended - partly because people think we get easy access past the security here at this time of the year!

When Dr Suresh of INTACH is around ( am told he is currently on a study in the USA) I ask him to lead the group - Suresh would like to dress like a East India Company man if you invited him to do so.

It is never easy to convince the police to let us in on a holiday morning, as early as 7.30 am more so when the group is 50 strong - once the Inspector sent a policewoman to accompany us to make sure we did not stray from our professed plan.

They are happy if we keep off the CM's zone. We do.

But now that Jayalalithaa is back as CM and chosen to sit inside the Fort it will not be easy for us.
Jayalalithaa has been cool - time and again she has asked the police not to trouble people with overkill as far as security goes . . .

I hope to host this Walk on August 21, Sunday. So be in the loop to know more. I think we will have a Walk every day in some part of the city till Aug 28.
If you have a Walk idea put it through; host one!

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