Saturday, July 30, 2011

Campaign for Heritage Act

Asking the state to enact a Heritage Act is probably the key campaign that will go on during the Madras Day celebrations this year.
The idea came up at the first meeting of the catalysts.
And we are working out ways in which we can use this opportunity to sensitise people to the issue.
Perhaps you can offer suggestions too.

An Act, a law in place will help encourage preservation / conservation of heritage and bok the people who destroy it. It has been over a decade since the issue was raised. It now needs to be a campaign of the citizens.

This is where you and I can chip in.

To start with, we hope to carry out a signature campaign. People will be given a little note on what the issue is all about and then invited to sign.

We wondered if we could come up with a small but striking stall / counter / desk which will attract people to the campaign in public spaces.

Your suggestions are welcome.

Somebody suggested that the desks should be outside heritage spaces or inside them. Central Station. Bharat Insurance. Govt. Arts College for Women . . .

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