Thursday, August 12, 2010

Send us your reports, pictures please

Madras Week is rolling.
And it will roll real fast.
While we continue to update the web site in ways we can we have a big request.
If you happen to attend an event please jot a few lines, take some fun pictures and email them to us -

We need your inputs to build the reportage as and when it happens. There are hundreds of people outside the city and around the world who are enjoying every bit of this event and they will be pleased you too did your two bit!

So please file and mail and post.

As the dailies reported the press-con we had yesterday, calls came from far and near after people had read the Tamil dailies. They wanted to know what Madras Day / Chennai Dinam is all about.
I hope the dailies devote more space to this event because people are keen to know and get involved.

The man who heads the online operations at 'Dina Malar' had a chat to share ideas. He hopes to start a section on Madras Day / Ol' Madras on their web site.

Positive indeed.

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