Friday, July 09, 2010

Shooting Anglo Indian musicians for a Docu

Madras' omnipresent videographer Mohan Das Vadakara never says 'no' when you want to film something.
So when Harry Maclure of 'Anglos in the Wind', a magazine for the Anglos around the world mailed me an invite for a music show on Saturday (July 12) our minds raced.

Could we use this opportunity to do a docu-film on Anglos in Music in Madras?

Mohan was out with his Panasonic even before we gave it a second thought. He already has footage of jazz artiste Frank Dubier at a show and at a jam session and here was another chance to get some footage of the young and the senior Anlgo Indan musicians rehearse for the Country and Western show at Museum Theatre, Egmore this weekend.

It will be a sellout, I learn.

Our two spells of shoot have worked well and if we can do another good spell at the show and do the interviews quickly we should have this film ready to screen for the Madras Docu Fest in August.

If you are itching to do a film too, check out the offer we have for you on the web site.
But don't ask for Vadakara!
Can you shoot with a Nokia? Sure!

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