Thursday, July 08, 2010

Press Conf: Preview Show

We had a press conference on July 7 to annouce the Madras Week dates and to send out an invitation to the city.

As always, our host was Prism, the PR agency that Satyan and Parul run in Egmore, opposite the famed Rajarathinam Stadium, once a haunt for athletes of all kinds and a venue where I won a certificate in the discuss throw! ( the stadium is now in a shambles)

In the chair was historian S. Muthiah and we also had S R Madhu, now an active Rotarian and R. Revathi who runs the website - - for children of this city.

We are trying to get the English and Thamizh media to report Madras Week closely and they are warming up nicely. At least 4 newspapers put out reports on this alert.

Today, a production associate at Aaha FM called me for a 'byte' that will go on Suchi's Breakfast Show on Friday. Yes, all the local radio stations have also warmed up to this event and that is encouraging.

If you blog, write, freelance or work for media do write on this special event. It is becoming the biggest of its kind at least in India!

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