Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This contest for school students gets them to research

This is one contest which has a long history in the Madras Day world.
And it is for city schools.
The PP presentation contest encourages student teams to research and study a given theme of the city and present it at a public space.

The idea here was to get young people to know better a part of the city they may not have explored well.

And so over the years, teams have worked on churches and temples, old colonies and public spaces. And some of them have come up with some amazing notes and pictures.

This year, on the suggestion of a well-wisher who never fails to attend the contest, the theme is 'Markets of the City'. The focus will be on informal markets that have a character of their own.

There are many of them - from automobiles to dry fish to stationery and all the needs for Muslims religious/social functions.

Teams will gather in August at the Sastri Hall in Luz to make their presentations. The invitations for this contest will go out in early July.

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