Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just before we say Bye . . .

I am on the Madras Day web site after a long silence.
Work overtakes you.
But you also get pulled back. I look at the stats of visitors on the web site and am amazed - the traffic is still high.

I wonder - what can we do to keep this site alive around the year?

My colleague on the Madras Day team, Revathi reminds me that this is her final call to post the last set of pictures of Madras Day 2010. So I hurry to mail those that remain in my camera.

Madras Day is not about waking up on August 1 and winding down on August 31.

The 2011 plan is rolling. I have a meeting next week with a well wisher who may help us organise 3 exhibitions simultaneously in the city. Perhaps in Perambur, Thiruvotriyur and Anna Nagar.

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