Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Madras Day 2009; feedback

I think Madras Day 2009 seems to have left a firm impression in the minds of many people.

Over the last fortnight, people have been telling me how widespread, varied and different the Madras Day concept has gone on to be. Others say that it will now occupy a permanent place in the city calendar.

Many others have understood the concept and hope to become part of it next year.

Some people felt that there were too many events and so, they couldn't make the best of most of them. Some felt the organisers of these events may be working at cross purposes by organising dozens of events in a week.

There are others who point out that communities in areas like Adyar and Anna Nagar, Perambur and Royapuram, Triplicane and Mint are yet to be seen in the Madras Day scheme of events.

There were people who sought help / aid / direction / guidance on how they could become part of the Madras Day event.

All I can say is that Madras Day will be a unique process.

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