Thursday, July 27, 2006

Meeting at Army Postal Service Office, Chennai

With ideas on hand and determination to motivate every individual, institution and organization to celebrate their own city, we are meeting different people every day across the city.

A group of enthusiasts led by D. H. Rao, a passionate collector of coins and stamps have come together to display their collections at the Clive House, inside Fort St. George.

D. H. Rao, a senior citizen, but young at heart, is still exploring every corner of the city to have the postal cancellations from all the Post Offices of Chennai. When the exhibition is fixed at Clive House with permission from The Archaeological Survey of India – Chennai, Rao wanted to go a step ahead.

He wanted the army to open the less known places inside the Fort during the heritage walks. We were waiting to meet the Station Commander Brig. V. V. Mony, the other day. Though we could not meet him on that day, due to his preoccupations, we met another enthusiastic officer.

He is the head of Army Postal Service – Chennai, Major. P.M. Kumaraswamy.

We all civilians sat in front of him and listened to stories on the achievements of Indian Army. He explained about the services offered by Army Postal Department. All are similar to regular postal services, but offered only to persons serving the defense.

He showed a bunch of covers – all first day covers released by Army Postal Service.
All issued on commemorative occasions of the Army. The information brochure carries official details about the events and occasions.

Definitely a place to visit for all the philatelists of the city.
And for the youth who should know about the country they live in

And Yes, Major was ready to hold a show and a stall at the Clive House along with the Coins, stamps and maps exhibition by D.H. Rao and friends. All those interested in such collections can buy up these covers at the stall and children can add to their collections.

He has to take permission from his commander.

When you visit the Madras Day web site next, you will find the details. Keep a tab!

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