Thursday, August 14, 2008

Locations of Madras Day events on Google map

We receive many calls from passionate Chennaiites - What can we do for the Madras day?
We tell them, just anything you would love to do for your city!

When Arun Ganesh looked at the Madras Day events calendar online, he decided to do his bit for the occasion.
He started locating the venues of all the Madras Day events and planted them on Google map. He mailed the link to us. And now the calendar page has a link to the map giving you the location.

It might have taken at least a day to point all the locations with details of events happening at each of these places for Arun. But he didn't mind doing it as he loves his city as we all do.
Thank you Arun!

Technology is available online, but the idea comes from one's heart.

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Excellent idea - the map. Well done, Arun Ganesh.