Thursday, July 24, 2008

Walking Tour of Madras Port?

This is my second short at it - getting a tour of the Port off the ground. And not into the sea!
My friend Manoj V. Joy, once a shippie and how an activist in that area, gave us a lead.
And so we have met the Principal Officer at the MMD and he seemed positive.

We are hoping Port Chairman Suresh will support the idea. And the PO will coax him too.

A port with 150 years of history behind it certainly needs to host a walking tour. ( Check this link - ).

And more so when most of what is left of another century on this campus will be lost forever as the development of a new port begins this year.

All we ask for is an hour-long tour which can have a few stops, led by an enthusiastic Port guide. At the Wednesday meeting at the renovated Seafarers Club located opposite the RBI, I learnt that ASI has a wing on the Port campus. Will they be our allies?!

The old Port of Mumbai has a monthly walking tour with the first stop at a small but nice museum. Now, Chennai can follow this example. Starting with Madras Day 2008.
If you know the Port chairman well, can you coax him please?

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